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-Ben Affleck, Gigli

Let’s kill time at the library!

Let’s kill time at the library!

theswellpeaks asked: I've noticed your recent tumblr absence & would request your PR episode rundown asap! Also I hope you and the +1 are doing well, and that you're kicking ass at your new job!

Project runway was bonkers. Heidi has been a real dick this season! I thought it was a fun twist for people to be able to go get more fabric, but ultimately the designer with a vision won. I liked Char’s first look as much as I liked her second. Char is badass.

Alexander should have been in the bottom. You can’t have a model with her dang booty out!

I feel so vindicated that Mitchell was eliminated. His taste sucked. And his construction skills just didn’t seem to exist.

I feel bad for Kristine but that dress was fugly.

Last but not least HOW DOES KINI SEW SO QUICKLY?

Also Amanda is too talkative on the runway. And her dress this week was weird. Ugh.

I could talk about this show forever.

sunflower--goddess asked: Hey friend, just checking in. You still alive?

Yo! I am. I’ve been busy and overwhelmed and not feeling up to posting. But fear not I am just fine and still scrolling.

Thanks for your concern!


how ridiculous is it to make someone a mix cd? asking for a friend

Do it do it do it.

  • me: but it's 2 AM
  • stomach: did i fucking stutter